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State-of-the-Art, Modern Equipment!
Battle Company's equipment is robust, realistic and state-of-the-art. No more connecting your headset to the weapon, as the Battle Rifle Pro features a completely wireless design allowing for better movement and maneuvering. The built-in rumble mechanism alerts players when they've been "hit," making the game come alive. This feature is not found in any other unit in the industry! This equipment promotes teamwork and problem-solving, as players can revive, heal, and provide ammo to other players! Regenerating health mimics features found in popular video games on today's market. Hand-to-hand combat is made possible with "melee attacks," a newly added feature that is sure to add a level of difficulty! 
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Customizable Equipment & Game Modes
Battle Company's software features multiple games modes and missions, including Infection, Hunger Games, Capture the Flag, Gold Rush, Battle Royale and more! Follow along as we display leaderboards with stats such as elimination counts. Battle Company's state-of-the-art software and equipment means customizable weapon types, sounds, and modes. We can even customize game play to make it more appropriate for children as young as age 8. 
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