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​Inherent Risk: 

When visiting Springside Farm LLC, there are inherent risks involved due to the nature of a "working farm." These risks may include:

  1. Walking on the grounds, in fields, trails, & tree rows, and on clearly marked pathways, which can pose the risk of tripping and/or falling due to surface and sub-surface conditions of the land, vegetation, and/or water. These include slippery surfaces, ice or snow, rocks, fallen branches, tree stumps, and/or other obstructions and/or hidden objects. 

  2. Exposure to farm tools which have been provided for visitors' use to harvest and move Christmas trees, pumpkins, sunflowers, or any other crops grown by Springside Farm LLC. 

  3. Farm equipment utilized on the farm by farm personnel.

  4. Children's play area equipment. 

  5. Farm animals, other visitors' animals, wild animals, and insects. 

  6. The lack of care of other visitors causing injury or property damage to others.​


Subsection 18-303(1)(d) states that visitors to an agricultural tourism area have the responsibility to:

  1. Exercise reasonable care regarding the disclosed risks of the agricultural activities.

  2. Reasonably comply with posted directional signs.

  3. Reasonably remain in areas designated for the agricultural tourism activities.

  4. Reasonably follow all conspicuously posted rules of conduct or verbal or other communication.

  5. Not to willfully remove, deface, alter or otherwise damage signage, warning devices or implements or other safety devices.

If you are unwilling to participate in the agritourism activities at Springside Farm LLC due to its inherent risks or the duties described above, you should NOT participate in the activities offered on this farm. You are entitled to a full refund of your unused admission price, if applicable.

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